Reversing Your Diabetes Is Related To Stress

Stress has an enormous affect on your diabetes which of course will limit your chances of reversing diabetes, the reason is that stress causes your blood sugar to rise. The harmful effects of stress on your health is huge and this is why it is so dangerous and why it is so important to eliminate as much stress as we can from our lives. If stress continues in your life, you are putting yourself at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and if you are already a diabetic your chances of reversing diabetes is much lower.

The list below are some common stress situations:

* Stress caused from work

* Stress caused from middle age situations

* Stress caused from a financial situation

* The loss of someone very special

* Losing your income and job

* An ongoing sickness or illness

* Problems with your relationship

Stress can be described as the fight or flight response; typically this is the response you get when you are ready for a fight or flee from danger; this response will take effect if any threat is encountered, whether it be real or not. These situations will cause your blood sugar to rise and will cause your insulin to be less effective. Hopefully this is only a temporary situation and your blood sugar will return to normal, if it they remain high, you will need to get help immediately because this can be very dangerous.

Stress can cause you to not eat properly, it will cause you to miss meals as well as your medications. By allowing stress to control you like this, you are doing yourself a tremendous amount of harm. It is vital for you to manage and control your diabetes effectively so that you can achieve good health.

Following the tips below will help you reduce stress:

* It is vital that you take time out for yourself. Get some time to relax by reading a book, meditation, deep breathing exercises or just listening to some soft music, do what makes you relax the best.

* Exercise Daily – exercise actually allows your brain to release endorphins that allow you to be calm and effects your mood

* Not all situations can be controlled – realize that you will not be able to control all situations, so walk away and concentrate on what you can control

* Communication with people is essential as it can relieve your stress just by talking

The good management of your stress is vital as well as good nutrition. This is vital if you are to achieve good health and ultimately reverse your diabetes.

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