How Diabetes Affects Mood, Relationships and Work

Diabetes and your mood

Becoming suddenly dependent on injections and having to think about what food you are eating can lead to a number of changes in your mood. You can feel that you’ve lost control and are being forced to change your lifestyle.

For people with diabetes, their roles at home and work may change to compensate for their condition and their self esteem may be affected. The dramatic changes to their lives can affect mood and depression and anxiety could develop. However, most sufferers tend to get past the anxiety when they have dealt with their condition on a daily basis.

Relationships and family life

Diabetes has a number of affects on family life and relationships. For younger diabetes sufferers, the normal growing pains that teenagers facts can be magnified with diabetes putting extra strain on family relationships. For adults there is often concern from a partner caused by a lack of understanding on their part about the diabetes condition.

Adjusting to a diabetic lifestyle can be difficult, but if a universal approach is taken with the whole family accepting certain changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise the changes can be much easier to accept.


Despite the number of myths associated with diabetes in the work place, people with diabetes can work just as hard for the same number of hours and shirts that any other person can if they have control of their condition.

But in reality there are a number of uninformed people, unfortunately including employers, that who still avoid employing people with diabetes as they assume it will affect your work.

Many sufferers of diabetes will avoid telling their colleagues about their condition to avoid such problems, but this is a bad idea as your colleagues will be unable to help you if you have a hypo at work unless you are open about the condition.

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