Therapy And Medication Are A Common Anxiety Attack Treatment

A mental health professional is the person you should speak to if you are seeking an anxiety attack treatment. While you can find self-help methods on the Internet, it is better to get professional help at a local mental health clinic.

The symptoms of an anxiety attack last about ten minutes and are fairly specific. This includes a pounding heart, sweating, an upset stomach, shortness of breath, tremors and twitches, and a feeling that you are going to die.

Anxiety attacks treatment will start with medication. There are many types of medication available, including natural remedies. The medication you take will depend on the exact type of anxiety you are experiencing. There are considered to be six types of anxiety.

For example, an anxiety attack treatment for social anxiety will be different than that of an anxiety panic attacks treatment. The causes and treatment for each kind of clinical anxiety are different, and so the medications should be different as well.

Either benzodiazepines or antidepressants are used as treatment for anxiety attacks, depending on what kind of anxiety attacks you have. You will need a prescription and ongoing therapy to take these kinds of medications because they are given by prescription only.

However, beware of an anxiety attack treatment that uses medication only. This is because medication relieves the symptoms, but not the root cause. You will have to go through therapy to discover the cause and correct it in order to get well.

These two types of anxiety attack treatment therapy include cognitive-behavioral and exposure therapy. Five to ten weeks will be sufficient for most normal cases of anxiety and panic attacks, but more time in therapy will be needed for severe cases.

Thoughts and behaviors that cause anxiety attacks are the focus of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Once the thoughts that cause your anxiety attacks have been isolated, treatment for anxiety attacks can teach you how to stop the behavior, thereby stopping the attacks.

Anxiety attacks treatment can be more specific as well. For example, exposure therapy is for patients who have a fear of heights. The patient is exposed to this fear in a safe environment until they no longer panic in places like elevators.

You can find the right anxiety attack treatment for your condition by looking online. You can also ask your doctor or the local hospital for a referral. Also, most areas have a regional mental health clinic where you can get information.

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