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Giving up drugs is a difficult process even for those who have a high level of willpower. Most people will benefit enormously from the help that treatment at a drug addiction centre can bring, resulting in improved chances of recovery. There are a variety of different treatment centres to choose from, which reflects the fact that drug abusers have different needs – not all approaches will work as effectively for different people.

The first thing to consider is whether outpatient or residential treatment is best for you. For some people spending anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks at a residential rehabilitation centre just isn’t practical for whatever reason. For other patients a residential program might be the only realistic method of recovery – the detox process in particular can be problematic for people who have other health problems. It is worth bearing in mind that research has shown that successful recovery is generally more likely depending on a longer stay at a rehabilitation centre.

For those that have decided an inpatient stay at a drug rehabilitation centre is most appropriate the next decision is whether to have treatment near or far from your usual surroundings. The main benefit of getting treatment close to home is that you can sometimes continue your aftercare in an environment you feel comfortable in, which may be important to maintain abstinence. However, this may mean that you are compromising quality for geographical convenience. Choosing a treatment centre further afield allows you to choose somewhere that can cater to your needs and also allows you to forget about your daily stresses and concentrate on recovery.

Although many people are rightly concerned about the costs of drug addiction treatment it is wise to invest sufficiently in your recovery rather than risking ending up at a sub-par centre. Some of the much cheaper treatment centres can be filled with addicts who have chosen rehabilitation rather than a prison sentence. It is unlikely they have a serious desire to quit drugs and this in turn may affect your own recovery.

The only way to find out what drug addiction treatment centre will be best for your own personal needs is by talking and ideally visiting them yourself. This way you can make certain that you’ll be placing yourself in an ideal environment to take the first step in setting your life free from drugs.

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