Can I Make My Hair Grow Quicker?

Many people wish their locks to grow quicker, and some will pay out a lot of money on all kinds of creams, gels and lotions that claim to enhance hair growth with little if any results to show for their money.

The thing is, you can promote faster hair growth once you know how the hair grows and what it needs. First thing we have to check out is the reason why the hair isn’t growing as quickly as it should in the first place.

What prevents hair growth?

There are lots of factors that influence hair growth and which can slow down, stop it completely or even cause hair thinning. This includes the following:

Genetics – if baldness or thinning runs in your family then you might have inherited the tendency in your genes

Health – some health problems can affect hair growth and may cause baldness including thyroid problems, anemia, high fever, and infections

Medication – check the small print on any medication you’re taking as there are cause hair loss because of the possible unwanted effects

Chemicals – if you’re sensitive to some chemicals in hair products its possible you have a reaction that causes some hair thinning. Also chemotherapy can result in total hair loss but will usually grow back when the treatment has stopped.

Childbirth – after giving birth, some women find that their hair gets thinner and falls out in much greater quantities; this is not unusual and is as a result of hormonal changes in the body. As soon as the hormones settle down the hair should go normal again.

Hormonal changes – these can cause hair loss or hair thinning, for instance during puberty and the menopause or if you’re suffering from a hormonal disorder.

Stress – prolonged and intense stress, in fact any heightened emotional state can influence hair growth and affect hair growth

Diet – If your diet is without certain nutritional requirements then your tresses may not grow as fast as it could, you may also find your hair starts thinning and fall out if you diet excessively

To make hair grow quicker you should try prolong the growing stage and to do this you have to make sure that your hair has everything it needs.

Check that your diet contains all the right nutrients and vitamins so that your tresses will be able to grow healthily from inside. One that most people aren’t aware of is the need for essential omega 3 fatty acids for hair growth, particularly Eicosapentaenoic acid. You can find this fatty acid in fatty fish and in fish oil.

Keep scalp clean, clear and healthy on the outside. What this means is avoiding the use of sharp combs, harsh chemicals in hair products, elastic bands, or anything else that is going to put pressure on your scalp. A regular scalp massage can help promote the follicles and encourage you to relax.

Lastly maintain your stress levels down and take time to enjoy leisure activities as this will make you feel refreshed and will relieve tension. Exercise is an important part of encouraging healthful hair growth as it gets the blood pumping round the body bringing nutrients to the scalp.

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