Bell’s Palsy & Details With Stuart Millheiser

ALS is a medical condition that can lead to additional problems down the road. Stuart Millheiser, not to mention other authorities on the matter, can say the same having witnessed its progression over the course of time. One of the problems in question is known as Bell’s palsy. For those who are curious to know what connection this might have to ALS, the following details should give you a better understanding of both of these conditions.

If you’d like to know what Bell’s palsy is, it’s essentially a condition where one side of the face becomes weakened. Over the course of time, muscles start to become weak, until that side starts to droop, resulting in more of a frown. However, patients who have this conditions might also suffer from taste loss, which is another detail that the likes of Stuart Millheiser can draw attention to. There’s also the connection to ALS that must be taken into account.

Nerve damage and degradation alike are common with ALS as well. In this respect, it’s easy to imagine why this would have some kind of connection to Bell’s palsy. As far as the latter condition is concerned, some of the most common symptoms include random tearing from the eye, pain in the ear, and a heightened level of sensitivity to sound. These are just a few details that names such as Stuart Millheiser can draw your attention to.

If you’d like to know what the cause of Bell’s palsy is, it’s unfortunate that not much information is known at this time. Specialists currently don’t understand what this creates this, though the virus linked to it has also been associated with the flu and measles, amongst other mild illnesses. Does this necessarily mean that one automatically plays into another? If anything, this shows that it’s all the more important for the general public to take care.

While it’s fortunate that many who suffer from Bell’s palsy go on to live normal lives, ALS patients aren’t always so lucky. In the case of the latter, muscular degradation is more severe, which is nothing short of unfortunate. It’s for this reason that people should band together and attempt to raise awareness, which has been done by the likes of Stuart Millheiser over the years. Suffice it to say, this degree of effort can have an impact.

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