What Are The Advantages And Cons Of Instant Tan Spray

Depending on the culture, most people like having a bit of color. But it is widely known that laying out in the sun with the UV rays hitting the body is not the best for ones overall health. One of the options though is going and getting an instant tan spray. For those that are not sure if this is the right way to go, here are a few pros and cons that might help make that decision.

As mentioned before, by going to a salon and getting a tan by standing in a booth, one can avoid the damage that comes from the harsh UV rays when laying out under the direct sun or in a tanning bed. The color is applied evenly as well, unlike the blotches of sun burnt that so often many fall victim too every summer. Because the skin cells are not being damaged, it also keeps skin looking healthy longer rather than the leathery look that appears when one is out in the sun too often and for too long.

It is undeniable that the majority of people love instant gratification, and that is exactly what this is. Simply walk into a salon, stand in a booth for a few minutes, and come out with some color. For those that are heading out on a vacation, attending a special event, or are just feeling a bit to pasty, this can be very useful.

But looking at the disadvantages of going this route, there are many. The chemical in this spray is dihdroxyacetone, DHA for short. While it is FDA approved, there may still be side effects that one should take note of. While standing in the booth it is possible that this can get in ones eyes, lips, or accidentally inhaled. For those that have asthma, it is important to get the approval of a doctor before getting this done.

The chemical is never absorbed into the skin, but remains on the surface, hence why the tan only lasts for a few days. The colorant fades because the dead skin cells are shed. Because it does fade so quickly, this can also be a drawback for many. Having to go back and reapply every few days can get quite expensive after awhile. For those that exfoliate daily, the color will come off even quicker, but it still lasts longer than the tinted lotions, which tend to wash off very easily. There is also a chance of skin discoloration depending on the skin tone and condition. By exfoliating right before going in for the spray, the chances of it coming out evenly are higher.

Beware that this may leave stains on the bed, clothes, hands, and possibly other objects. Wait at least twenty-minutes before putting on fresh clothes. And if the hands get stained, wash them right away with soap and water.

It is important to remember though, that this temporary tan does not provide any type of protection from the UV rays. So when going outside, it is still necessary to have some type of sun protection, whether that be sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, or all three.

Getting instant tan spray may sound appealing for some, and not for others. In many ways it is better than being directly under the sun and getting color that way, but it does hurt the wallet a bit more. Weigh out the options and see which one sounds like the best way to go.

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