Three Approaches To Attain A Golden Look With Sun Tan Lotion And Tan Airbrush Methods

It has long been known that the skin needs to be protected from the sun’s rays. As a result, manufacturers have developed sunscreen and sun tan lotion for this purpose. These, while designed to allow people to have fun outdoors, can provide different benefits based on the ultimate goal.

Sunscreen contains SPF which is specifically designed to block the sun’s rays. It is this by-product of sunbathing that often results in melanoma, more commonly known as skin cancer. Although it is still possible to create that golden look and even burn when using sunblock, it reduces the likelihood of severe burns and the development of life-threatening illnesses.

The obvious advantage of just lying in sunlight is the fact that a base coat is generated that is difficult to achieve any other way. Besides the exposure to cancer-causing radiation, the downside is that this method can also accelerate the aging process. This makes those who sunbath wrinkle faster and appear older than they are.

Tanning lotion available today is especially designed to ensure that one has the desired skin color after exposure to the sun. It allows a person to achieve this end very quickly and with a very natural look. It has more of an outdoor exposure look than that achieved in a tanning booth and many today also include SPF to maximize protection from the sun.

Many people who wish to achieve this look year-round take advantage of tanning beds and booths. These products are constructed to imitate the sun’s rays through fluorescent UVA lamps and work well at replicating natural tans acquired from exposure on a beach. Lotions for this kind of tanning are specially formulated as the outdoor type would damage the acrylics of the machinery.

There is also the option of chemical tanning. This is achieved with airbrushing, lotions, wipes, sprays, or gels. Although the desired outcome can be achieved, often at less cost, obviously results are not as long lasting. It should be remembered this does not offer any protection from the sun’s rays.

Regardless of the option selected, sun tan lotion is a key ingredient in achieving the perfect golden color. Once the color is perfect, that white dress sparkles and others will take notice. The hardest part is finding the perfect color the first time with a good product.

You can get that sunless tan you have always wanted. You can turn to sun tan lotion or the tan airbrush in order to get that beautiful looking glow.

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