The Dynamics About Achieving A Skin Tan

To tan the skin is the process by which the color of skin is changed, usually to have a darker shade than its normal color. Skin tanning can be achieved naturally through exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun or by using use of artificial tanning products, a process called sunless tanning. The latter method has steadily gained popularity after a connection was discovered between exposure to UV rays and skin cancer.

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One method of tanning skin from ultraviolet radiation is by basking in sunlight, in a leisure activity called sunbathing. This is most common and arguably most convenient way to get skin tanned. The effectiveness and speed of suntan can be enhanced by another phenomenon called windburn. Windburn is a process where wind removes a layer of skin that filters out UV rays leading to a more pronounced tanning.

Besides the sun one can also achieve skin tanned from UV is by using a device referred to as a tanning bed or a sunbed which produces UV radiation artificially. Sunbeds have fluorescent bulbs infused with phosphor and produce rays identical to those of sunlight. Besides a small portion of UV B, most of the radiation produced is UV A using this device has little difference from sunbathing.

You an also get a skin tan without sunlight or any form of ultraviolet source. The technique of doing so is called fake tanning or sunless tanning. In this process, chemicals are used to induce tanning like that of sunlight. These chemicals are taken as pills or applied onto skin.

Pills containing beta-carotene have become very useful for non-UV tanning because they produce a lasting effect and protect against sunburn. Sunburn is the discoloring of the skin due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Beta-carotene produces a better skin tone than sun tanning and eliminates the risk of cancer posed by the sun.

There are other forms of sunless tanning e. G., pills containing canthaxanthin, dihydroacetone, tyrosine and melanotan hormone. None of these is as popular as beta-carotene-based products though. Other people have resulted to temporary means to get a tan such as powders that can be removed using water when one bathes.

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