The Difference Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make

Everyone wants to have a nice smile. Nobody enjoys being embarrassed about smiling. No one should have to cover their mouth or keep from laughing in order to hide teeth they do not like. Even a simple task like teeth whitening can make a big change for the better. Everybody should go to the dentist, but make sure you find a good one first. The Difference Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make is amazing.

There are several ways to whiten teeth and hundreds of products. There is concentration Gel that is made from carbamide peroxide and used with plastic trays. This is basically the home use version.

From the dentist, there is tooth whitening, tooth bleaching or laser bleaching and internal bleaching. Laser bleaching uses light energy to bleach the teeth. This procedure typically takes an hour and a single visit. This type of whitening is very controversial. There are those that think the light makes a difference and there are some that would not waste their time.

Discovering which whitening product or treatment works the best is not easy. There are so many products on the market. There are so many techniques being used. Some treatments have documented side effects that are not pleasant. It makes sense to talk with an expert before choosing a tooth whitening product.

Veneers are another cosmetic option. Veneers can change the size or shape of a tooth and make them look straight without braces. Veneers can fill in gaps or spaces. They can be made of plastic, acrylic or porcelain. Composite veneers are the most inexpensive and they can last up to seven years. Other veneers can cost almost up to three thousand dollars per tooth. These will last up to fifteen years and require two dental visits. Veeners are not an option for everyone. They are a perfect solution to a discolored tooth or a tooth that is too small. The downside is that part of the real tooth needs to be shaved.

Always do a little research before making decisions regarding your teeth. Make sure you are making the best choice and that you are not substituting one annoyance for another. If you have a gold crown that looks ugly, make sure that the shiny metal in your mouth is a big problem.

Soon, I was in the dentists office having it done. Even though I had been told by other another dentist that the tooth with the gold filling would last a very long time, I thought a white tooth would look much better. I thought that replacing it now while I was young would benefit me more.

Anytime you replace a crown, you run the risk of receiving a nasty looking black ring around your gum line next to the tooth. I am sure you have seen many people with these terrible discolored gums. I have never heard of a dentist actually warning people that they might get ugly black gums soon after. This is something to be careful with.

Finding a good dentist is so important. A good dentist is important like the tires on your car. Some things are just more important than others and a dentist is one of them. Take the time to learn about a good dentist and then you can have the smile you dreamed of.

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