Tanning Spray Causes Bronzing Of The Complexion Without The Risks

It’s no secret that sunbathing is dangerous. The same is true with the use of salon devices which rely on lamps emitting UV light. Tanning spray is favored by many who like to give their complexion a naturally bronzed color risk-free. This skin darkening solution may be done by ordering an aerosol can or a personal airbrush kit, or with the help of a salon attendant.

No matter the tanning spray approach, the solution used remains the same. It contains what’s called DHA, short for dihydroxyacetone. This transparent sugar-based chemical is capable of browning the layer of dead cells on the topmost part of your skin. The initial effect of tanning spray may be noticed after 2 to 4 hours, and this will darken more after about a day.

You don’t have to wait for a few hours before results may be observed. A tanning spray solution usually contains a brown tint which causes instant skin darkening. The tan-like hue is only temporary and will wash off when you take a shower or sweat a lot. Worry not because DHA in tanning spray is the one which will give your skin a lasting bronzed color.

The lovely golden brown shade tanning spray provides lasts for 7 to 10 long days. The fading happens gradually just like when you have the real thing. Because of this, none of your friends and co-workers will suspect that the tan you are sporting isn’t real. DHA is not to be blamed for the fading of the color. This is actually brought about by the periodic replacement of the skin’s topmost layer. Applying a tan extender or moisturizing lotion lets you enjoy the fake tan longer.

You may purchase tanning spray that comes in a can. Aerosol technology allows the substance inside to be delivered in the form of a mist. This facilitates the application, making it easier to achieve an even coating so streak formation may be avoided. Many find this particular product more favorable that lotions or foams because it produces a flawless, natural-looking tan.

Personal airbrush kits are also available. They are suited for those who take getting a tan indoors seriously. These devices are hooked up to containers with tanning spray solution. It’s true that an airbrush does not come cheap. But in the long run, investing in one actually helps save cash most especially if you are planning on using tanning spray for months or years.

Tanning spray is being offered by so many salons nowadays. Unlike some of the equipment they have, this is safer due to the absence of UV radiation. A trained assistant will perform every step of the process for you. It’s true that such service costs more than simply buying a can in cyberspace. However, aficionados will tell you that the result is worth the price.

No matter if you like using an aerosol can, a personal airbrush kit or allowing a salon attendant to do the job, tanning spray is a risk-free solution to get a realistic bronzed complexion. Going for this approach spares you from too much UV light exposure. Looking beautiful today doesn’t have to mean having deadly skin cancer tomorrow.

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