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The skin and Sun Laboratories Official Website takes a look at the ins and outs of healthy skin and tanning. The skin forms part of the natural barrier between the intrinsic inner workings of the human body and the its outside world namely, the world which we see, touch and feel. It has been calculated to be between one and half to two square meters in size for an average adult.

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This makes the skin the largest organ of the human body. It is vital that this organ is functioning optimally at all times and this requires a lot of work in realizing which products such as those seen at Sun Laboratories Official Website will work well for your particular skin type. UV or Ultra Violet rays which are derived from the sun are harmful to the skin especially when tanning for prolonged periods of time.

For one, Sun Laboratories Official Website show that UVC radiation is not harmful to the skin at all. This is primarily due to the length of their wavelength measured in nanometres. This may sound wave above the scientific level of knowledge of the person on the street but in fact it is quite a simple concept to understand.

UVC because of its short wavelength of between one hundred and two hundred and ninety nanometres is unable to penetrate the protective layer surrounding the atmosphere of the earth. This protective layer is known as the ozone layer and many stories have been told as to what may possibly happen should the ozone layer break down in its ability to safeguard the earth from the harmful effects of the sun. This is important information for scientists working in conjunction with Sun Laboratories Official Website as it allows them to monitor how these rays affect the skin.

Spending long periods of time in the sun is dangerous without a suitable suntan lotion. Sun Laboratories Official Website is brimming with products that you can use in the sun as well as self applied tanning lotions which you can use easily at home. These products make tanning an easier exercise rather than spending time lying on ultraviolet sun beds.

These are not harmful to the skin as they are absorbed by the ozone layer of the earth. They are unable to penetrate the ground and those people walking on it. The reason for this is that they have a sort wavelength of between one hundred and two hundred and ninety nanometres.

Sun Laboratories Official Website gives you an idea to the intricacies of science involved when their teams of professional analysts formulate their products. This requires an in depth research of knowledge of many different criteria and factors such as skin types and skin biology to mention two.

This is worthwhile information to understand as Sun Laboratories Official Website aims to provide their consumers and readers with the latest developments in skin technologies. Just as the earth itself is protected by the ozone layer, in a sense, the skin to has its own protective barrier.

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