How Tanning Lotions Accelerate Your Tan

In the salon and spa industry, clients are regularly offered the use of tanning lotions before stepping into an ultra violet bed or booth. Most salons have a wide selection to choose from. Brands will have some similar qualities, and some added benefits depending on their intended use.

Most tanning lotions are sufficiently safe for all-over application. But, whenever possible it is important to use a blend designed especially for faces. Facial tanning lotions have gentler ingredients, are safe to use around eyes, and may offer added benefits such as ingredients to firm the skin.

Tanning lotions and oils are used as preparation for UV beds or booths. They are comprised of ingredients that moisturize the skin and increase the amount of melanin in the skin. This may be accomplished by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin, or by increasing the melanin itself. This boosts the speed with which a tan sets in, as well as effects the quality of the color.

Tanning lotions intended to be used indoors feature ingredients that are not harmful to plastic. It is important to only use indoor products when there is a chance of the lotion coming in contact with a UV bed. Since spa beds especially come into repeated contact with clients every day, corrosive products would greatly shorten the life of the bed.

Oftentimes there are added benefits to applying tanning lotions. Almost all brands contain a high quality moisturizing ingredient. Others may include bronzers which deepen on their own over the following hours. Nearly all have some kind of scent, though it may be natural or perfumes that are added.

It’s vital to be sure that tanning creams or oils are not being confused with sunblock. Sunblocks are meant to protect skin from ultra violet light damage. Using it in a UV bed or booth would negate the purpose, plus may damage the plastics of the machine. Tanning lotions and oils magnify the sun’s impact on skin and so would offer zero protection from sunburn. To use them interchangeably may cause untold damage to one’s body over time.

Sunshine and ultra violet lights in booths and tan bed are not equals. It is necessary to have appropriate tanning lotions or oils that are reserved for their intended tanning situation. Compounds in a product intended for outdoor use may react differently under concentrated light. Conversely, tanning lotions intended for salon use may not show any helpful effects when used under sunlight.

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