Eyelash Extensions Gain Popularity Among Women

For so many centuries, women have used whatever means to enhance their beauty. Slim body, smooth skin, tanned or porcelain skin, bigger breasts, round butts, double eyelids, and long lashes are some of the norms on what society of today counts as beautiful. When it comes to beautiful eyes, women come up with tricks to make their lashes fuller and longer like eyelash extensions Richmond Ontario.

Since long ago, ladies used odd means to heighten the beauty of their eyes. A black type of makeup called kohl is used among the women of ancient Egypt. Its purpose is to intensify the beauty of the eyes of an person much like the eyeliners and the mascaras we used at present.

Egyptians were the first to make us of eye makeups, it was not until the reign of Queen Victoria that the use of mascara became fashionable. It was the time when the practice of making eyelashes thicker and longer were revived and during 1916 false eyelashes were devised. Fast forward to the present, it developed to a longer lasting product called eyelash extensions.

Perhaps you are also wondering what really are these eyelash extenders and what makes them different from false eyelashes. Well, a false eyelashes looks just like a set of human cilia that is glued to the underside of the eyelashes on the eyelids. Unfortunately, they can be only used for quite a short time and they are easy to removed.

While an extension is a series of individual lashes that are glued to the current eyelash and will last longer than an average false lash. Generally, they take about thirty to sixty days with one or two shedding per day. That being said these extensions will last for around four weeks so they have to be replaced every thirty days.

They weigh next to nothing so there is no need to be concerned of your eyelids getting tired. The extenders could be made out real hair, artificial fiber system, or the more common type, mink hair and synthetic fiber. Each type has its own weakness and strengths when thinking about to application and longevity.

The effect is that the lashes look bolder, longer, and fuller especially with its natural curl. Makeup application is cut short since it does not require mascara to be applied. This makes your eyes even more captivating because of the fuller lashes give illusion to a wider and more open eyes.

Just make sure to clean the lashes and the area around the eyes that may prevent the extensions from sticking, like oil, dirt, and make up residue. You are advised to prevent your eyes from making any contact with water until after four hours as not to foil the adhesive. It is also unwise to use curlers since they would split the hairs and you do not actually need to use one since the extenders are naturally curled.

The advantage of using these products is that they are really safe to use. While most people will qualify for eyelash extensions Richmond Ontario, some with really weak or short can disqualify you from receiving treatment. It is always best to consult a doctor before undergoing the procedure.

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