Discover The Best Self Tanning Lotion

If you use the best self tanning lotion you will have a beautifully bronzed body. You will feel energetic and full of life and look good, too. Today everyone is aware of the health problems associated with the sun so using a fake product is safe and easy to do.

You have to choose wisely, though, to make sure your tan looks real. Some products on the market today give your skin a tell tale orange look. This is not what you want to achieve.

You may prefer to avoid those that have a distinctive and unpleasant odor. Those products that do not last long and stain either your clothes or bed linen are undesirable, so too are applications that will streak to cause different levels of tanning on your body. You will feel far from sexy if any of these arise and you will certainly feel uncomfortable.

There are all kinds of products available to buy at a range of prices. These include some that are just to use on the face. Other types are creams, gels, tinted and tan enhancers. All of them contain a product, which is used to darken the skin. Other ingredients for an improved fragrance are added. Some of these are cocoa butter, aloe vera, rosehip oil, or Vitamins A and D. Some lotions are specifically for oily skins, some are light weight but all are easy to apply. There are many that you can find that do not have the unpleasant smell that is often associated with these products.

Because your face is never covered you have to be particularly careful about applying your best lotion to this part of your body. First of all, gently cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser. Then you have to exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin that will affect the finish. Avoid using a moisturizer on your face as it may affect the condition of the tan.

When a fake tan is applied under the eyes it could be darker than desired. So apply an eye cream beforehand. You are trying to alter the tone by only one shade to ensure a natural look.

You can mix a little of your favorite moisturizer at this stage with your application. This will allow a smooth finish to your body. Remember your earlobes and your upper ears to complete the effect. Let the color develop for about 3 hours. Take care when washing your hands.

If you wish to apply the self tanning product to the rest of your body you will need to exfoliate. Apply the tanning lotion one limb at a time. Work down through the legs to the calves and the ankles. Next apply to the thighs and then the hips and stomach, shoulders and arms. You will require at least 10 minutes for drying before you put on clothes. As perspiration can cause the application to streak, avoid any energetic exercise for a few hours. Whichever one you choose you will be using the best self tanning lotion for you to feel and look superb.

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