Detailed Information About Sunlabs And Its History

Most commonly known as Sunlabs, Sun Laboratories was established in 1983 and is basically a family owned business. It is said to be the very first manufacturer that introduced self tanning products in the market. What began as a small setup is now a thriving business that presents a wide variety of tanning and skin care products.

It was Gisela Hunter that initially decided to design tanning solutions that would allow people to get perfectly natural tans without sitting out under the sun for hours. She was conscious of the fact that being out in the sun can harm the skin and wanted to help people get amazing tans. Obviously, everyone would want such a product, which is why a number of experiments were carried out on different formulas. When the best results were acquired, the business was established by the name of Giesee.

Various setups have been established by the business all through California. All of the products are created, packed and made ready for shipping away to different countries at these facilities. The products manufactured by the business are meant to cater to the needs of all its customers, may they be professionals or individuals, which is why the products are available in different sizes.

The company has come up with a wide array of products. A majority of them are available in bulk for business and in smaller sizes for individual use. Sunlabs additionally offers formulas that are meant for airbrushing or spray tans, sunless tanning and quite a few other tanning products. These are commonly available in the form of sprays, gels, lotions and creams and can easily be used all over the body. Moreover, the company also manufactures skin care products such as sun blocks and sunscreens.

The products are available at varied prices and costs are basically dependant upon the product you want and the size that it is needed in. These can easily be purchased from beauty salons and stores. You can also purchase it from the Sunlabs website too. Salon owners that are interested in purchasing these products can easily place orders via phone or through their website.

There is also a private label that is owned by Sunlabs and it is basically focused upon the production of beauty and personal care products. It actually helps businesses in coming up with their personal brands and delivering products that would bring in profits. Their team of professionals is best in giving expert advice on designing of products, silk screening and labeling.

In order to fulfill the needs and demands of all of their clients, Sunlabs continually comes up with customized formulas. The prices of all their products are varied, but rest assured that they are fairly low priced. It is at the facilities that the products are packed as well.

People these days are fairly interested in tanning. But, the fact that sun rays that gorge their skins for hours can harm them very badly has taken away their readability to stay out in the sun for hours and hours. The good news for them is that products by Sunlabs can help them get tanned without having to worry about the rays of the sun.

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