Choosing Best Face Tanner Lotion

Many people use skin tans to achieve a more appealing skin tone. Most of the times, this is to darken their skins to produce a bronze or glowing effect. There are two types of tans, those that rely on UV light to darken the skin, and the others are referred to as sunless tans. They include wash-off bronzers, gels, mousses and lotions. The best face tanner lotion is one that brings out the desired results as a UV based tan would.

The best face tanner lotion, unlike a natural tanning, does not harm the skin in any way. This is because it is temporary, unlike the permanent tanning. The skin is not in any way exposed to UV light, therefore, there is no damage whatsoever to the skin. This also eliminates the risk of getting cancer.

Such a self-tan lotion contains a chemical component known as DHA. This is the chemical that reacts with the outermost layer of the skin to bring about a darkening effect. This has been the major reason why many dermatologists encourage the use of the best face tanner lotion as it has no harmful radiations involved.

There are many kinds lotions in the market, especially on the internet. This may pose a challenge to clients who are looking for the best face tanner lotion. It all boils down to the consumer and what they are looking for in this lotion. The most important thing to check for in such a lotion is the amount of sun protection factor in the lotion. The higher the SPF levels, the better, as this means that it will provide maximum protection to the skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

The best face tanner lotion is probably the one applied gradually. This means that it has to be applied everyday as a moisturizer. This daily moisturizer also contains fake tan thus darkens the skin with every application. One can do this until they reach their desired result. Most people prefer this kind of fake tan lotion as it eliminates the cost incurred in buying a moisturizer and fake tan separately.

It is logical to choose a best face tanner lotion while putting your skin color into consideration. It is advisable for fairer skins to use the lotions with less DHA to prevent adverse reactions like the embarrassing orange color. For darker skins, they can use lotions with more DHA as it would take more to further darken their skin.

The type of skin is also an important consideration when getting the best face tanner lotion as different lotions are suited for different skin types. There are three types of skin which include dry, normal and oily skin. For people with dry skin, there is the best face tanner lotion with extra moisturizers, while for oily-skinned people, there are lotions with are less greasy.

As good as the best face tanner lotion may be, it also has its cons. One may develop skin irritation because of sensitivity of the skin to the chemicals. The result of the tan may also leave the applicant dissatisfied, usually a dreaded orange tone, and this takes long to wear off. Moreover, it may cause permanent staining on clothes and other body accessories. Always look for the best face tanner lotion.

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