Applying Sun Lab Tanning Lotion To Dazzle When You Get Married

Especially if you have a lovely bronzed complexion, you will truly be a head-turner on the day you tie the knot. The use of Sun Lab tanning lotion is a safer alternative to sunbathing. For brides on a budget, it is cheaper than going to a salon.

It’s a fact that ultraviolet light emitted by the sun is bad for your health. Getting it in small amounts is good because it supplies your vitamin D. However, too much of it can be dangerous as it can considerably increase the chances of skin cancer development. Using a tanning bed is just as risky. That’s because the lamps it has pretty much work just like the sun.

Further, it can leave your facial skin with fine lines, wrinkles and liver spots. While walking down the aisle to get to your groom, you definitely want to look your best. Having that youthful and radiant appeal will surely make heads turn. When exposed to excessive ultraviolet light due to sunbathing or tanning bed use, you may end up looking like a wreck.

DHA is the star ingredient of this product applied topically at home. It’s safe for use on human skin because it comes from plant sources such as sugar cane. In 1977, it got the approval of the FDA for use on items that allow users to tan without the need for exposure to ultraviolet rays. DHA works by browning the dead skin cells it comes into contact with.

Right after application, you may already see a change in skin tone. Do take note that this is the effect of the bronzers present. They are added by the manufacturer to help you attain a more natural looking tan through even application. The darkening effect of DHA will begin to be evident about 3-5 hours after the application has been made. If you want to ensure that your complexion is at its most dazzling on your wedding day, it’s important that you carefully time the product’s application.

Worry not if this popular at-home solution doesn’t seem to give a deep complexion that you are expecting. You have to wait for about 24 to 72 hours before the darkest possible shade shows up. The resulting bronzed complexion may be enjoyed for as long as 10 days. But as the skin’s top layer is sloughed off, the color produced also gradually fades.

When you walk down the aisle to meet your groom, you surely want to look wonderful. Besides, all the important people in your life will be there to be witnesses. With all of the cameras present that are constantly pointed towards your direction, a bronzed complexion will make you become more photogenic. You will see the proof inside the wedding’s photo album.

Apart from the Sun Lab tanning lotion for use all over your body, its manufacturer also offers something that is exclusive for facial application. It has a milder formulation, perfect for sensitive skin. What’s more, it contains herbal extracts that are said to keep those aging signs away. Those which are already around are said to be reversed because of these ingredients.

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