Are You Suffering From Hard And Dry Calluses On Your Feet

If you suffer with calluses, do not despair, there are suitable calluses on feet treatment methods that should work for you. Calluses are caused when there is a buildup of skin layers which becomes thick and hard. This is usually the cause of pressure and also friction on your skin. Although these areas can sometimes be painful, the biggest problem is that it can make your feet unsightly.

The development of calluses normally occurs on the soles of the feet, especially underneath the balls and also the heels of your feet. They might also form on your toes. Wearing ill fitting shoes is the foremost cause of this problem.

Constantly wearing shoes with very high heels and shoes that fit too snugly on your feet will cause compression of particular regions on the feet. On the other hand, if your shoes are too loose, your feet will move around in them and this will cause friction against the shoe which in turn will cause calluses. Wearing sandals or closed shoes without socks also causes friction on the feet which could lead to the development of calluses.

One of the simplest calluses on feet treatment options is to wear footwear that fits correctly. By doing so, the friction and pressure that cause this condition will be alleviated. You can use protective pads to avoid or help resolve this problem. Alternative treatment options are also available. Do not commence self-treatment if you suffer from diabetes or any other conditions that cause poor blood circulation. Discuss your treatment plan with your doctor before commencing.

One method you could try is to soak your feet in warm, soapy water or warm water with a bit of baking soda added to it. The water will soften the hard skin and this will make it easier for you to attempt to remove it. Whilst bathing, or afterward while the skin is still damp and warm, rub a pumice stone over the affected area. This should remove a layer of the hard thick skin. Apply a good moisturizer to the area on a regular basis.

If you suffer from diabetes, do not use a pumice stone as this poses a risk of infection. Do not attempt to shave or cut the calluses yourself as this might cause an infection of the region. In the event that your calluses persist or become painful despite your self-care treatment methods, there are medical treatments that may be of help.

Your health-care provider can use a suitable method to shave down the hardened skin. This method can be done at the doctor’s office. Your doctor will do a thorough investigation and if it is found that you have a deformity of the feet, special padded inserts that need to be placed in your shoes will be prescribed. This will aid in the prevention of the skin condition. The use of these methods and in consultation with your health-care provider, you will most definitely be able to find the most suitable calluses on feet treatment method for your personal circumstances.

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