ALS: 3 Perks Of Physical Therapy, With Stuart Millheiser

Anyone who is familiar with ALS can tell you that, at the moment, there is no cure set in place. Medical research is constantly being done on the matter, so that we can continue to learn about said condition and try to figure out ways to work around it. Stuart Millheiser and the like can help to push this method along. For those who are curious to know what can be done, as far as coping is concerned, many patients have turned to physical therapy.

What is the reason for this, though, you may wonder? Why do certain therapies have the support of various activists, Stuart Millheiser included among them? ALS is a serious disease, to say the least, and patients can use all of the help they can get in order to maintain their health as best as possible. For those who have been curious about taking part in this process, or simply would like a greater understanding on the matter, here are 3 of the benefits associated with physical therapy.

One of the reasons why physical therapy matters – and this might go without saying – is that it keeps patients active. ALS, for the uninitiated, results in the breakdown of muscle that had been built up over the course of time. However, one can make the sound argument that staying active slows down this process, meaning that the ability to sustain life will be greater. This is just one of the many reasons why this form of therapy stands out.

Secondly, it helps keep ALS patients connected with loved ones. In order for these individuals to cope with this condition as well as possible, they should keep in contact with close friends and family members alike. It’s not out of the question, then, to assume that this type of therapy can bring everyone together. Virtually anyone can take part in this exercise, regardless of how often they might have worked out beforehand. This level of interaction has an emotional benefit, according to the likes of Stu Millheiser.

Finally, physical therapy can keep one’s mood and overall demeanor high. I think that this is especially important when given the emotional impact that ALS can have. Much like traditional exercise, this type of therapy can take one’s mind off of life in general, allowing them to focus on whatever physical endeavor they’re taking part in at the time. Without question, this is one of the most striking benefits that deserves the utmost attention.

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