All Natural Reiki Classes Portland Oregon

Holistic treatment process, often referred to as New Age medicine, are becoming more common among people who prefer trying natural methods before opting for medications or surgeries. These theories use ancient principles as their basis in using the innate power of the body to correct troublesome issues. To learn these healing methods, Reiki classes Portland Oregon is a great place to start.

This particular concept is based on a Japanese technique used for the reduction of stress and for promoting relaxation. The principle is that therapist can use near contact to channel energy to their patient to activate the body’s own resources. Physical contact is rarely made but when it is necessary, the touch is minimal and very light.

With a name made from combining two Japanese words that translate into “Universal Life Energy”, this practice centers on the belief that one person can lend some of their power to another. This transfer is meant to kick the body’s healing systems up a notch to begin working on restoring imbalances that cause stress and anxiety. Those two conditions tend to inhibit the natural flow of an individual’s chakras.

This therapy is completely non invasive, rarely requiring any form of physical contact, and the patient stays full clothed throughout the entire session. The actions performed are an attempt to gently restore proper balance to the life energies of the individual to allow them to improve their health. This healing process can be done along with the traditional treatments and does not necessarily replace them.

One important thing to remember is that this is in no way a religion, nor is it based on a particular theological belief concept. It is a form of therapy that may be applied to any individual regardless of their spiritual development, intellectual capacity, gender, race or age. The healing energies can enter anyone and begin their work.

This method has been used to treat pain, nausea, insomnia, hypertension, headache, stress and anxiety. It is believed that this process can decelerate the aging process and increase vitality by raising vibration frequency of a body. Many have credited this therapy with helping them overcome various addictions.

This treatment can be learned easily through a simple process in which one is trained how to use one’s own body power to heal others. “Attunement” is the name of the method though which a teacher transfers the healing power physically to the student. On completing the course, the individual is regarded as Master, and may start to administer this therapy to others.

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