Skin Health Advice: Are Chemical Peeling Side Effects Happening To All Of Us?

Are there chemical peeling side effects that you should be made aware of? Well, of course. Just like anything chemical peels such as glycolic acid peels have their very own set of pros and cons. Chemical peels are becoming ever more popular now with the availability of at home peel kits and the benefit of being able to clean up some of the most common skin conditions that we experience in today’s world.

Typically, one of the first no no’s and one of the cons of chemical peels is that often people choose the wrong chemical peel. By that I mean that they choose the wrong potency of the peel and pick far too strong of a peel for their skin type. It’s better to play it safe with a smaller potency around 15% or so right away. Remember, this IS a “chemical” peel!

There are varying degrees of potency when it comes to the concentration of the actual chemical peel itself. Typically you will see them in the ranges of ten to seventy percent concentration. Remember, while these are beneficial for the skin it’s still an acid. One of the most rookie mistakes for an individual who new to chemical peels is that they choose too high of a concentration.

Common Chemical Peeling Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

It’s also common that one who has had a chemical peel applied may experience more than normal itching of the skin of the treated area. For example, if you do the chemical peel on your face your face may be itchy for a few days after. This is another reason why you are advised to avoid sun and just simply let the skin exfoliate itself and don’t pick at and peel it. That may also lead to scarring of your skin.

We’ve talked about some of the cons of using the chemical peels but there are definitely an equal and opposite amount of pros that you should consider. When you implement the proper amount of skin care, applying a chemical peel will allow the skin to become much more smooth by decreasing the size of the actual skin pore itself. You’ll also see other conditions like light acne, light wrinkles and even light scaring to be cleared up by choosing the proper chemical peel.

The nice thing about chemical peels even though they may have some side effects (just like anything) is that they are a great way for you to increase your skin tone and have healthy, vibrant, and young looking skin. This is achieved during the peel processed when the size of your skin pores are shrunk down and decreased in size. Lighter skin conditions, redness, and wrinkles will often disappear after a few days of the treatment, but once again this is dependent on your skin type and whether or not you are going to need additional treatments.

These chemical peels are relatively simple to apply on your own with the at home kits, but if you run into any confusion you can always get in contact with a qualified skin care professional. More and more people are enjoying applying the chemical peel in the privacy of their own home since they are typically self conscious about their skin conditions the way it is.

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