Coconut Oil: Acne’s Natural Nemesis

Organic Coconut Oil as an acne breakout remedy

Virgin Coconut Oil is commonly used cooking oil and as an ingredient used in various foods like nondairy creamers and canned whipped cream. Having said that, outside the kitchen area, it also has many other uses, quite a few including exterior application to hair and skin. Unrefined and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil works wonders for blemished and acne breakout prone skin. Organic Coconut Oil is a favorable choice because of its organic ingredients and substances. Most Commercial acne treatments contain aggressive artificial ingredients. For people who want to take a more organic strategy in treating their acne and other skin disorders, cold pressed coconut oil could be the final remedy.

Virgin Coconut Oil and Acne

According to ‘The Raw 50: 10 Amazing Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks and Drinks for a Raw Food Lifestyle’ by Carol Alt, “Raw and un-hydrogenated coconut oil may help clear up acne blemished skin and improve the healing process for pimples. Organic coconut oil is especially active for acne that is caused or aggravated by dry skin conditions.” In a 2004 clinical study published in the American Contact Dermatitis Society Journal, it was found that “virgin coconut oil is an effective treatment formula for psoriasis, a chronic condition that is characterized by excessive drying of skin.” In that same study, it was concluded that “the oil can be used as a safe topical moisturizer.”

Antiseptic Lauric and Capric Acids

All Natural Coconut Oil goods are incredibly rich in antiseptic fatty acids. These acids fight a number of fungi and bacteria on the skin. They are also prized for fighting off microorganisms and bacteria that cause pimples. Capric acid and Lauric acid are antiseptic acids. They can also be found in many skin care merchandise because of their qualities as an acne treatment. Most skin care formulations are not able to get into the deep skin layers and thus, do not reach the root of the problem. Organic Soaps and Coconut Oil Lotions made from cold pressed coconut oil have small molecular structures that can be very easily absorbed by the skin.

Vitamin E Content

Organic Coconut oil products are also very rich in vitamin E, which is a preferred component in skin care items as well. The oil is a rich supply of this vital skin care vitamin. Vitamin E also helps skin pores unclog. It also minimizes the ‘shine’ factor by controlling the sebum secretion of the pores and skin.

Organic coconut oil employed as a everyday skin care program can bring out wonders. Today, Organic Coconut Oil is used in lotions, soaps, body washes and etc. It is tried and tested product with confirmed longstanding benefits for the pores and skin.

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