90 Second Toenail Fungus Treatment Tip

Toenail fungus treatment options vary from unproven home remedies to somewhat dangerous prescription drugs. However, some sufferers will see dramatic changes with basic and better care of their nails.

You should thoroughly wash and dry your feet everyday while properly trimming your nails. This is vital for overcoming the challenge of toenail fungus.

Dangers of Not Keeping Your Toenails Cut

Fungus can grow where the nail suffers from damage and trauma, since gaps and splits leave easy entrance ways for toenail fungus to grow and flourish.

You can cause splits and tears when your toenails are too long, since they continually brush up against your shoes. Extremely long toenails begin to curve, while not growing as straight as they should be growing. This can easily cause ingrown toenails which in turn can leave areas that fungi love to grow.

Advantages of Properly Trimming Your Toenails

1. Helps stimulate new nail growth 2. Less opportunity for ingrown toenails 3. Reduces nail fragments caused by fungi 4. Eliminates the opportunities for nail trauma

Tips on Cutting Nails

You should always cut your toenails straight across the top, while resisting the urge to round off the sides. Rounding off the sides can lead to ingrown toenails. First, soften your toenails, while bathing, showering or soaking them and then cut them while they are soft. Smooth the rough edges while using a file. There are different types of electrical devices available for your use to make trimming your nails much easier for you.

Whether you are trimming your toenails at home or while in a beauty salon, always ensure that the clippers are clean. Toenail fungus is very contagious and is easily transmitted from one individual to another when using unhygienic toenail clippers.

There are various products available that include powerful antifungal ingredients such as thymol, undecylenic acid and tea tree oil to help stop the growth of fungus naturally and safely when you want to clear up your nails.

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