Your Gluten-Free Diet Does Not Have To Be Boring Or Dull

Many people suffer today from celiac disease which means they have sensitivity to gluten. However, it\’s possible to live a healthy and comfortable life, enjoy many good foods, lose weight, and have some fun. You\’ll need to make some changes and this includes the way that you cook, and here are some tips to make your gluten-free diet easier to handle.

Softer pie crust – You will not have to give up pies, but you can\’t have normal pastry crusts either. When you create a GF or gluten-free crust make sure to take it easy with the water. Too much moisture can make a crust hard as a rock. However, even good GF crusts may tear but you may be able to smooth them out before placing your pies in the oven. This can make a big difference.

Store bought bread – You can find many good GF breads on the market today. However, they are not going to be the same as the old fashion soft bread that you may be used to. For best results, keep the bread frozen and only remove a few slices at a time to thaw. Also, because GF bread can sometimes crumble, you\’ll have fewer problems if your toast it.

Homemade breads – To get really good bread you may have to make it yourself. A good bread machine is a great tool to invest in and yet you still may need to go through some trials and errors before you get it right. However, even mistakes can turn out to be useful. They can be crumbled and put into meat loafs or stuffed inside of poultry. They also might make good salad croutons.

Lactose issues – Many gluten intolerant individuals may still have problems with digestive symptoms even after changing their diets, and the reason may be lactose. Lactose intolerance is a common issue, and if you believe that dairy may be a problem, try eliminating it also. You can find some excellent lactose free products today.

Eat more fresh vegetables – Fresh vegetables do not contain grain proteins that you are allergic to. Why not have a large fresh salad every day? This is a great weight management strategy. Salads are very filling and provide many important nutrients you need. Just make sure and check the salad dressing and croutons closely. In fact, you may be better off making your own.

Cook with a friend – Have you ever noticed how frustrating it can be when you fail in the kitchen? Try to involve someone else in your GF cooking efforts. This will serve two purposes. One, you will have someone that can offer helpful advice, because two minds are better than one. Two, most things in life are enhanced when you share the experience.

Herbalife Formula 1 – When you are looking for a good tasting shake that will not cause you any problems, look no further than Herbalife. Their Formula 1 product does not have gluten, soy, or even dairy. This will give you a special treat without guilt, because it is easy on the waistline too.

Following a gluten-free diet will keep you healthy and happy. Just try the amazing Herbalife Formula 1 allergen FREE meal replacement today and see the results Very soon!

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