The Easiest Facebook Promotion: Just A Single Picture Away!

If you have ever wanted to win a Facebook promotion, without a ton of rules and regulations and red tape, you are about to discover an online wine event that is an absolute blast.

Santa Margherita, the company that introduced the world to Pinot Grigio, is not having an online promotion and it simply could not be easier to enter and then to win.

And it being the 2010 holiday season, Santa Margherita now wants to show each and every one of us just how special every moment with friends and family can be.

And no matter how many people you have at your party (it could be several dozen or it could simply be just one other person) this wine company wants you to take out a camera or your phone at that party and take a quick picture.

Once you have captured that moment, you simply need to describe it briefly and then upload it. And that is it!

And all of this will happen on the new Facebook/Santa Margherita page.

Take a few seconds and realize just how big a deal this is. A well loved wine brand is taking the time to reveal to all of us just how much magic is in every second when we are with loved ones.

And the bigger picture of course is that these moments are there just waiting to be had…no matter how many people you think constitutes a party.

If you really want to know how to win a Facebook promotion, you need to immediately get involved with this great wine gifts giveaway. If really really think that maybe it would be nice to get something for yourself this season, this is for you!

This is exactly how to win free wine gifts and it just could not be any easier to enter and to win.

Santa Margherita has just unvelied the easiest Facebook promotion ere. Take a simple picture and win FREE wine gifts!. Check here for free reprint license: The Easiest Facebook Promotion: Just A Single Picture Away!.

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