Popular Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking liquid is vital to maintain the health of our metabolism. The most healthiest liquid by far is water and it is recommended we drink 2 litres of it per day. However most would agree water is bland and rather boring. Only the health “freaks” among us would indulge a couple of litres a day. By far the best drink to enjoy ourselves is alcoholic based. Though in copious amounts it does not promote well being, in moderation there is nothing better.

There are all manner of alcoholic drinks available throughout the world. Drinking alcohol gives a “buzz” and help to reduce inhibitions. It is arguably the most social drink in the world and promote happiness. Some types of alcoholic drinks commonly available include:

Wine. A drink that many people enjoy as part of their meal. Comes in various flavours and tastes, there are some types of wines that are produced and aged in a manner that make it a truly sophisticated drink. The way it is produced and stored has an impact on price and some forms of wines are only for the affluent. But like anything, there are wines that fall into numerous price categories and is within the budget of most people.

Beer. The alcoholic drink beer is made by fermenting starches in the form of barley, wheat and rice. It is then flavoured with hops to give a distinct taste. Beer is perhaps the most popular alcoholic drink available and is enjoyed by adults throughout the world. For some people, there is nothing in the world like a cold pint of beer to let their hair down and enjoy.

Spirits. Drinks that have an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of over 20 per cent and produced through distillation are termed alcoholic spirits. Examples of these drinks include Tequila, Rum, and Vodka. Expensive to buy, due to the high alcoholic content, one would only consume a small amount, usually mixed with non alcoholic drinks such as Coke or tonic.

Drinking alcohol is a favoured pastime for many in most parts of the world. It provides the basis for many social rituals to take place and when getting together with friends and family, alcoholic drinks form an essential part of the experience.

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