A Delicious Ham From Spain – The Serrano

Many average ham types can be bought in shops and only few offered a great Spanish pork food: Serrano ham. Whether you buy it in slice, in chunks or as a complete, bone-in ham you should try it with some wine. It has benefit.

Best ham not for gourmands. Jamon Serrano is a ham with dry-cured technique making which is a very difficult process. Most important thing to cover ham with salt for two weeks to preserve it from spoiling.

Ham making usually finish with a long period. From 6 to 18 months ham is hung from long legged hogs (Iberian ones are the bests). This is “Reserva” Serrano. All hams’ average weight is generally 7-8 kg.

People generally consume this Spanish ham as a breakfast. It has valuable flavors which should be kept so recommended to store in cool and dry place. Always keep it on room temperature.

If you open an expensive red wine you should leave in the bottle for a half an hour. As Serrano was suggested for the same, then after slicing it leave on your plate for a 30 minutes. Its flavors, aromas, texture will be the richest this way.

Suggested if you serve it in very thin slices.

People used to cook it as well. All the time please finely diced it and lightly fry it.

From Spain here is a cooking technique for your pleasure: “rehogado con jamon”:

Lightly fry diced ham in olive oil, then saute your favorite cooked vegetable in the mixture.

Best to mix with artichokes, green beans, sprouts.

Diced to bigger size, it also makes a great addition to your favorite spaghetti sauce recipe, or an omelet.

Bon appetit!

You can see more pairing suggestions for this incredible ham like this:

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