Campfire Desserts Which are Tasty and Easy

Most people love camping and cooking is a key part of the fun. Easy meals are ideal if you want to have fun camping, since elaborate dinners are best made at home in the kitchen. There are lots of savory bean stews and meat casseroles you can make but what about campfire desserts? Get yourself a bag of marshmallows and you are in for a treat!

Smores and More

Smores are a delicious combination of marshmallow and chocolate, which is sandwiched between two graham crackers. The name is short for “give me some more,” possibly because it is hard to talk properly with a mouth full of this sticky food! The oldest smore recipe can be found in the Girl Scout handbook of 1927.

They are made by roasting a marshmallow until it starts to go golden brown, then pinching it off the stick using a pair of Graham crackers with some chocolate on. Some people like to add peanut butter too.

You can often get marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers packaged together in supermarkets in the summer months, especially for making smores. You can also get indoor smore kits which are a bit like fondue pots.

It is possible to microwave smores, although the graham crackers come out a bit soggy. You can also get Pop-Tarts in smore flavor with a chocolate and marshmallow center and a graham cracker flavored outside.

Making Tasty Smores Indoors

If you do not have a campfire, you can make a chilled smores recipe using ingredients like golden grahams, chocolate, vanilla pudding, marshmallows, and ice cream syrup. You would just need to mix the ingredients together and chill the mixture until it sets. This is different to the campfire method but is a great way to get the kids involved in making food and, of course, it tastes heavenly.

More Delicious Campfire Dessert Ideas

Another great campfire idea is to cut the tops off some oranges and hollow them out. Make up a cake mix and fill the hollowed out oranges with it. Put the lids back on, wrap them in aluminum foil, and cook over the campfire for about five minutes. The cakes will cook inside the oranges and will have a wonderful orange flavor. For a stronger orange flavor, replace the water in the cake mix with the orange juice from the oranges.

If the weather is wet or if you do not want to cook, what can you have for dessert on your camping trip? One great dessert is jello. You can make finger jello at home, which is when you add the boiling water and leave out the cold water. This type of jello can be cut up and eaten with the fingers because it is not sticky. If you are hungry or if your smores are taking too long to cook, you will have a delicious box of finger jello to nibble while you wait.

A recipe for layered jello really does make fascinating reading because it is surprisingly easy to create layered jello. You can make something as spectacular as a seven layer jello recipe, even if you have never made jello before – that is how easy it is to make wonderful jello recipes!

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