Reasons To Seek Fresh Halibut For Sale

Many fish restaurants pride themselves on the range of dishes that they can provide. For a lot of customers, they are happy if the spot fresh halibut for sale. This fish is widely known as the ‘Steak of Seafood’, and many a happy couple have celebrated an occasion with this as the main dish. You no longer have to live next to the sea to enjoy these dishes.

They’re the largest flat fish, and can grow to well in excess of ten feet in length. Their normal habitat is either the North Atlantic or North Pacific Oceans, as they’re a cold water fish. They often spend their time on the sea bed, blending in against the sandy bottom, they often keep very still as their white undersides could give them away.

These fish will eat just about anything. In fact many fishermen say that if something can fit into it’s mouth then that will be eaten. Even the young fish will live on a diet of small crustaceans.

Maybe due to its size there are not many predators for this fish to concern itself with. The main ones are either Killer Whales or sea Lions, although there are a few species of shark that are also known to hunt them. Sadly for this fish, its main predator is man.

These are notoriously slow to mature, and consequently only begin breeding at the age of eight. By this time they’re probably no more than thirty inches long. Anything caught below that length is returned to the sea. This is one way to help conserve this valuable food resource.

The normal method of catching these fish is by trawling a long line across the sea bed. Along the line are hooks baited with octopus, which seems to be a favourite diet with these fish. The line can rest on the bottom all day until it gets reeled in. There is even a growing trend towards sport fishing against these specimens.

The primary reason why these fish are targeted is that they are a wonderful food source. To look at the flesh is white in color, there are very few bones, and the texture is firm and slightly meaty. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the previously mentioned nickname.

This fish can be cooked in a wide variety of ways. Some of the more popular means being frying, grilling or broiling. The flesh contains a whole range of nutrients, and so does the skin. Many will have heard of the benefits of Omega 3 fish oils, well this is a fish rich in these oils. Which is why you will often see this fish included within so many different diets.

It needs to be cooked carefully or it does have a tendency to dry out. If pan frying, try doing so in a little butter and olive oil, but remember to baste it at regular intervals. Perhaps an easier option is to poach it, this has the advantage of keeping the meaty flesh moist. Cook until it just starts to become a flaky texture, at this time the flesh will have turned opaque.

The best times to discover fresh halibut for sale is either summer or fall. However you decide to cook them you will not be disappointed, as they truly are so adaptable to many recipes. As an added bonus they are also good for you.

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