How To Make A Chicken Plucker

Farmers who raise chickens would be able to relate when it comes to the difficulty of plucking out all of the feathers of the roosters and hens. Now this task is extremely hard and very long because if one would do this manually, he will just tire himself out in a short span of time. So if he would want an easier time with the process, then read this short guide on how to make a chicken plucker.

A barrel is the first thing that is needed because this will be the main component. Now one should first be sure that the barrel is just the right size so that it is not difficult to handle. It should probably just be big enough for the arms to fit in perfectly.

Once the the drum or even a barrel has been gotten, then the next thing to do would be to make a barrel holder that is made out of wood. The reason why this holder has to be built is so that the contraption does not fall over. In order to do this, cut up eight pieces of wood and try to connect them together in such a way that the barrel can actually fit inside it.

Once the holder has already been made, then one should now drill some holes in the barrel. After one has drilled in some holes, then the next thing to do would be to create some spikes that are made out of wood. Stick in the wooden spikes in the holes and make sure that they are all securely fastened.

When that is done, one should now try to create a disc object that is made out of wood. Now the disc should be big enough to fit inside the barrel but not too small as well. Just be sure that the disc has a little bit of space before it touches the sides of the barrel.

The next step now would be to create some holes in the disc that are just the right size. Now once the holes that have been drilled inside the disc, then take a few smaller spikes and insert them in. Just be very careful when doing this because the spikes will really hurt when it stabs a person.

Now the last thing to do would be to install the drill underneath the entire contraption so that the disc will be spinning around. Now the only thing that should be taken in consideration when it comes to the drill would be the size. The drill that will be attached to the contraption has to be rather big and heavy so that it can take the entire weight of the device.

So as one can see, it is actually very easy to create one of these devices. Now if one would want to build this thing, then read this step by step guide on how to make a chicken plucker at home. Although it will take some time to build this thing, it will be worth it because it will save a lot of work in the future.

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