For Beef Check The Irish Red Cattle

Nations all over the world boast of the various breeds, species and varieties of cattle they have. These types range from beef specialties, dairy cattle, farm oxen as well as those put into a myriad of other effective uses. Ireland is well known for some of the most desired beef cattle species around the world most notably the Irish red cattle, which has put Northern Europe on the spotlight for more than 8000 years.

Initially made in America for its inhabitants, the breed possesses some of the most desirable beef producer genetics known in the world. The development process of the Irish hybrid has taken more than fifty years. The process of coming up with this gem, and the modifications to that effect, were done according to the basic functionality requirements stipulated by the beef industry in the States. The instructions guiding the development of this type demanded that animals should attain outstanding performance standards to retain their place in Reds Foundation of blood. This produced the efficient, feed proficient, fertile and superbly performing product which is a source of pride today.

The origin of the blood coloreds traces back in Stamford, in the 1960.The developmental work in the breeds is attributed to one, Maurice Boney, who goes down the books of history as the father of ideally the most unparalleled and greatest genetically powerful cows, to date. He was interested in coming up with a remedy to the increasing need for improved and more efficient beef breeds.

The genetic makeup of the animals is bred to pass on genetic qualities for viability, production and notably an outstanding quality in beef produce. Their superior genetics originate from a cautiously verified, tightly controlled and a timely linear breeding program.

The heifers originate from beef Friesian genotypes with parts of their blood content coming from the ancient Aberdeen Angus traits which are then added to plain parts of the hardworking females. In this process, the excellent commercial females were designed.This was before the Friesian sires found in Ireland were imported to make up the outstanding carcass qualities essential in developing the best beef producers.

Maurice locked the books detailing the process of coming up with the red cows in 1971 hence concealing information about the Friesian blood.To date, few remain privy to this information. The whole process of identifying and improvement of the breed took a great deal of time, resources and strictly observed and monitored experiments. In the generation of these breeds, market specifications were prioritized.Some of these elements include softness, marbling and the taste aspects of the final product.

The Reds of Ireland are serviceable, thorough in structure, and to a great extent, cut on the reliance on labor.

These animals offer dependable and predictable beef gene combinations which are used to produce similar qualities of cattle in America.In an effort to protect the purity of the breeds, its founder Maurice used secure trademarks.

According to the founder, Mr. Maurice, the reds may be preferred due to following reasons, 8688 among others, they are genetically pure, they bear genes with high concentration, they are fertile, the have high carcass quality, they are marketable and they also are environmentally flexible.

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