The Joy of Cooking – Why We Love to Cook

Should chefs or any related profession be the only one to appreciate the joy of cooking? This hardly seems the case because from the earliest periods man has since discovered the joy of cooking. The history of cooking is very rich and colorful. This activity has evolved several times and in this article, you will know how.

Before fire was discovered by man, human beings used to eat their food raw and fresh from a catch. Over time, they have learned which food can be eaten raw without any undesired effects to the body. Aside from seafood, they have learned that fruits, vegetables and insects can be eaten raw.

Cooking also involves different techniques that range from simple food preparation to exquisite decoration in pastries, table settings, and special occasions. More and more people today find the joy of cooking, whether be it a profession or a hobby.

At the time, there was no fire to cook your food with and no potter to cook your food on. What man did was to eat his food directly from a catch. Man then discovered that there are certain foods that can be eaten raw such as fish, fruits, vegetables, and insects.

The history of cooking can be traced back between the time humans discovered fire and the Neolithic period, otherwise known as the Stone Age. Before they learned to make fire, and use it to prepare food, they ate their food fresh. They also consumed fruits and vegetables, fish, and insects.

To date, there have been five identified forms of cooking, all established with the use of heat. The first form is cooking through the use of liquids. This includes poaching, stewing, and boiling. Another form is cooking with the use of fats and oil or more commonly called frying. Next is cooking through exposure to vapor such as braising and steaming. Last is cooking by exposing to dry heat such as roasting, broiling, and baking.

Since it was discovered, cooking has evolved into two known types: cuisine bourgeois, also known as home cooking and haute cuisine. Whatever the type of cooking you choose, it is sure to burn the fire inside men which very much explains the very famous adage.

It is no wonder that many can’t resist food. Cooking is perhaps one of the oldest studied and perfected art form. The joy of cooking lies in every single person which can either be the love for cooking or the love of appreciating the result of cooking.

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