Ill-Effects Linked With Drinking Excessive Coffee

Nothing is better than a steaming cup of freshly made coffee in the day time. Coffee powder is extracted from chocolaty cocoa beans located in Brazil. The powder is employed for preparing our morning drink. Some people choose black coffee whilst others use milk, edible cream and sugar to boost the flavour of their morning energy beverage. Caffeine-the leading component present in coffee is present in other items like chocolate bars, bakery products as well as a couple of drugs also. We may not realize but we unintentionally take a lot of caffeine as beverages, energy drinks and other substitutes.

Nevertheless, as it is said “One’s medicine may be another’s poison”, Caffeine features its own pair of healthy and damaging effects.

Healthy Effects:

Consuming a cup of coffee in the morning relieves oxidizing cells that cause diabetes in humans, keeps our nerves energetic, works as diuretic and suppresses the organization of stones in kidney and gallstone by boosting the level of daily urine discharge. Additionally, cocoa beans have got healthy anti-oxidants that prevent the accumulation of plaque in the brain, reduce aging and control the occurrence of risky issues for example diabetes, alcoholic cirrhosis, liver disease as well as Parkinson’s disease.


Caffeine serves as stimulant and keeps the energy levels of our body very high. The ill-effects of coffee not only rely on our mental and physical health but also on the quantity of caffeine that we ingest. Taking 500 to 600mg of coffee daily (that is close to Four or five cups) contributes to heavy caffeine absorption that has numerous unexpected outcomes. Some of them have been mentioned below. You must keep these points in mind.

Physical Side-Effects:

– Uneasiness, nausea or vomiting, sleeping disorders, jitters, head aches, muscle tremors, panic, anxiousness, discomfort and unusual heartbeat are amongst common unwanted side effects.

– Some people are sensitive to high temperatures and energy modifications triggered by coffee and experience anxiety.

– Regular intake of caffeine makes one vulnerable to bp fluctuations, variations in heart beat, fast heartbeat and cardiac sink. Thus, patients of heart disorders are refrained from taking coffee.

– Rapid rise in pulse rate leads to rolling of acids within stomach. Unbalanced intestinal acids can induce stomach linking ulcers, acidity and burning of heart.

– A group of investigators from Brown University claim that coffee works as a mild diuretic, resulting in lack of fluids in our body. Hence, regular consumers of coffee should consume lots of water (up to 8oz.) to balance urine discharge.

Negative effects in Women, Seniors And Youngsters:

– Fibrocystic breast condition in ladies is seen as growth of protuberances under the sensitive skin of breast. These hidden lumps are not cancerous or painful but may result in grave issues in the long run. Reported by the National Institute of Health, high caffeine consumption may promote the growth of this problem.

– Older women that drink lots of coffee are exposed to the risk of experiencing osteoporotic fractures.

– Expecting mums shouldn’t consume more than 3cups of coffee on regular because high caffeine consumption might cause impairments in the fetus.

– With regards to kids, hypersensitive men and women and older folks, taking caffeine in more than the prescribed amounts can lead to compromised immune system and hypertension. Moreover, the dark cocoa beans comprise of unhealthy oils. When these oils are taken together with milk, sweeteners and cream, they may lead to abnormal rise in blood cholesterol levels, especially contributing to the increase of bad LDL cholesterol.

Mental Effects:

While folks around the globe drink coffee or use caffeine stimulants since they enhance mental performance, induce alertness and helps them in concentrating on things, this stimulation may also result in increased discharge of stress hormone. This could cause unwanted tension, agitation and insomnia. That’s not all! Caffeine is very addictive substance. When one tries to break from the habit of drinking coffee, he undergoes a brief withdrawal period that is characterized by symptoms such as headache, lethargy, irritability and fatigue.

Facts To Consider:

By mentioning all these side effects here, we plan to warn all the caffeine addicted individuals. While selecting a caffeinated product, you must examine its pack for the amount of caffeine contained in it. Furthermore, you must keep check on the amount of coffee that you drink on regular basis. You may monitor your regular caffeine intake by using a caffeine calculator. It’s available on most health or diet related online websites. Hence, you can easily escape the ill-effects of coffee.

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