Choosing Suitable Commercial Ice Makers For Your Business

The production of ice is important to establishments such as hotels, restaurants and fast food shops. A lot of machines are now available on the market that makes it possible for you to produce the quantity that you need for your business. Here are vital considerations that will enable you to choose the best commercial ice makers.

The kind of ice that you require is an essential consideration. If you are an owner of a bar or restaurant, you need to get cubes that would help you to make cold drinks. Businesses that have to do with the preserving and transporting of raw food need machines that can create the right sizes of blocks and flakes.

A machine that is rated as an energy star product should be purchased. These models might be more expensive to purchase but you will end up saving some money on energy bills since they use up less electricity than the other kinds. Additionally, many states now offer incentives to companies that have energy saving equipment. These discounts will also assist you to offset the money that you have to spend initially.

Unless it is extremely necessary, try as much as you can to purchase air-cooled commercial ice makers. The prices of these models are usually the same with the water-cooled versions. The only thing is that they help you to save a little money on the water payments that you make. Furthermore, several cities and states have now made the use of water-cooled machines illegal. Your city may soon be affected and this is why it is better to immediately go for the air-cooled version.

It is also important to select the appropriate size of this appliance. One that is too small may not have the capacity to supply the requirements of your business especially when there are numerous customers. Then again, you should not go for an extremely large appliance. Properly estimate the volume that you require so that you can make a good decision.

Look for commercial ice makers that have bin level sensors. These sensors enable you to increase or decrease the amount that is produced at any point in time. This is a very useful feature that enables you to conserve your resources. On the days that you do not need a large quantity, the sensor will limit the production of the appliance to a particular level.

Inquire about the maintenance of the machine. A periodic cleaning routine must be kept in order to keep off bacteria and mold. The bins, the filter as well as the condenser fans must be regularly and carefully cleaned. An appliance that is simple to clean will help you to easily meet your local area health department’s sanitation standard.

It is vital to search for reputable manufacturers when you want to purchase commercial ice makers. Although this appliance can last for several years, the durability is usually dependent on the brand that you choose. If you want a machine that will serve you for many years, you have to be sure that it is made by a trustworthy company.

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