Areas Which Are covered in Food Labelling Training

For firms that are involved in the preparation or packaging of food products, there will be plenty of training courses which will be applicable for their employees. Food safety training and food hygiene training will, for example, be instrumental in making sure that the company offers safe and hygienic food preparation and delivery. However it isn’t just the safety and hygiene angle that’s important, but also the product packaging information, for example the labelling, which is why food labelling training is important.

Food label training is a valuable part of food companies having the ability to communicate the information that consumers require to ensure that the food they’ve bought is safe to eat and meets any dietary requirements which they may have. Labelling of food products can be a bit of a minefield and if you do not know what you are doing there’s a risk that the correct information will not be displayed. This could result in your product being removed from the shelves.

Practical food labelling courses will enable the delegates to identify the key areas that they’ll need to focus on and be sure the correct labelling standards are adhered to throughout the organisation. It can give delegates the chance to assess their own current labelling and specifications to see whether the information that they are providing comes up to the correct standards.

People within an organisation who would find this type of training beneficial includes technical managers, regulatory affairs managers, quality assurance managers and those involved in the manufacturing process. The training will take care of areas such as where the legislation arises from, just what the legal labelling requirements are, what needs to be declared with regards to allergen information and how the label should be formatted.

Food labelling is as crucial as food safety training as it all makes sure that the food items produced are safe for consumption at every stage of the creation, packaging, delivery and service processes and this is ultimately very important to the organisation to be successful.

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