The Secrets To Earning Or Losing The High Yield Investment Game

Many individuals are consumed by the online investing world, they see the many high rates of returns and their wallets open quick. They soon find that those high interest rates are accompanied by high risk and they get scared. Before they’re able to withdraw safely they lose all their money.

Now this doesn’t happen every time, nonetheless it does happen often and that is because people don’t do their research and they don’t take time to understand the in’s and out’s of online HYIP investing. There are secrets to the game that will better your chance for earning on your investments.

1. Be sure to protect your seed money or as you might call it your out of pocket investment. The seed money is your initial principal you deposit into the select program. This is what you want back as quickly as possible, and you don’t want to invest this money again.

So let’s say you invested a $100 within a specific investment program. After 14 days you withdraw $120 from that program and you’re still gaining on your original investment. You don’t want to reinvest that $120, only invest $20. So that if that program closes you will not lose your hard earned money.

In fact that would be a perfect time to invest in another opportunity. You always want to invest in a few HYIPs rather than one; this is a great way to decrease the risk.

2. Understand how to compound interest on your earnings, most programs offer compounding. Your biggest temptation in the HYIP game is the Compounding Calculator that many investment programs feature on their internet websites. When you decide to compound, do not have profit planned. Instead, your first goal in compounding is to recoup your original principal, your seed money.

If you deposited $300, and you withdraw $50 in two weeks, don’t start telling your family members about how much you’re making from HYIPs. You’ve really actually made nothing yet. In fact, you will be $250 in the hole, and you need to take note of that risk capital until your risk is zero. Then the very first time you withdraw $50 after you have pulled out your $300, you have made your first profit. Why is this crucial to your online success? The program in mind might not be around long enough to return your first deposit. Therefore, treat your initial withdrawals not as profit but as down payment on your seed money til you have recouped the full amount.

3. Do not be greedy; make sure you exercise your discipline and self-control. All of us are greedy, and investors are a little greedier than most, but when it comes to online investing one can’t afford to be greedy. Be warned that your greed level is directly connected to your seed money and your tendency to be sucked in by scam programs.

By controlling your greed you put yourself in the better position to recoup your seed money. Greed is a giant obstacle in the way of your recouping your seed money. When you conquer greed, everything becomes a little less risky.

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