Selecting The Best Wealth Creation Plan In India

In the current society, you need to look for ways of earning additional money and creating wealth if you want to succeed. If you are looking to invest and create wealth in India, there are several investment options that you can consider. It is therefore up to you to choose the best wealth creation plan in India depending on your needs.

Among the most secure, and most likely the perfect option, is fixed deposits in banks. This is usually because your hard earned money is kept in securely, and offers an acceptable and assumable return. The financial organization you decide to invest in normally determines your returns; although a non senior normally makes approximately 10 % rate of interest, while an older person who is over sixty gets a slightly higher interest rate.

Public Provident Funds are also great investment options to create wealth. This is mainly because of the high return rates, especially for people who feature under the 30 percent tax brackets, which can escalate to a tantalizing 9 percent. The downside is that the investment period for PPF can go to as high as 15 years. But this is a feasible opportunity to choose, given that it has almost no risk, and provides a good return.

You might also choose the National Saving Certificate which has a duration of six years, and includes ease in government subsidies. One of the best things about this investment option is that you can start with as little as Rs. 100 and get an 8 percent rate of interest that is calculated two times annually. Additionally, you have the advantage of tax break to Rs. 1 – lakh from the returns.

Mutual funds can also prove to be quite fruitful, as they can generate a very high return for limited investments. This is the best alternative investment option when you are looking to invest in the stock markets and are not willing to take unnecessary risks. It is also a good way to vary your risks and get a generous return.

You can also invest in the stock market to generate higher profits quicker. While this is a very risky investment, it can be pretty profitable and is the most lucrative investment choice in India. You should be careful though because there are huge risks involved, and you are not quite assured of your returns. You need to know the market well and be conversant with the factors that affect it.

Investing in silver and gold in India is also a wise investment choice. The market predicts that there will be potential rupee appreciation from gold investment returns. This means that the chances of getting a good return might not be that good, but if you are feeling adventurous, the general investment limit should be about 5-10 percent.

Private equity finance can provide an appropriate return, as it does not depend on the scenario of the traditional stock exchange. It instead calls for private company equity investments that exist by private firms, investment capital organizations or angel investors. It is quite interesting that this form of investment is gaining popularity in India.

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