Scottsdale AZ Realtor Helps Real Estate Investors Acquire Cash Flow Properties

Two things traditionally hold true when it comes to investment dollars floating around Arizona. In the best of moments, investors get complete force on the real estate band wagon – recently funding almost everything from neighborhoods in far-flung towns and cities to desirable urban condos in downtown Tempe and Phoenix.

In the worst of times, investors also gravitate toward real estate property, looking for discount buys on foreclosed homes and commercial properties as they bank on people increase to assist Arizona’s economic system rebound.

Stan Barnes, boss of Copper State Consulting in Phoenix and a previous state lawmaker, said those with founded profit in the Valley still feel convenient investing in real estate advancements – even after market breaks just like the recent one – rather than taking chances on startups or entrepreneurs.

Many people in California chase new high-tech businesses. Men and women Texas drill for oil. Individuals in Arizona purchase real estate property. That is just the way it is, and likely would be provided that we’re the fastest-improving state in the union,” said Barnes, whose business does political and marketing communications consulting intended for private-sector customers.

In several locations in Arizona, particularly the Phoenix Metropolitan, there is a lack of conventional sales. Approximately 75 percent of the market may contain short sales and house foreclosures, constraining the alternatives of several buyers. Arizona Investors wanting to flip see good opportunity in rehabbing and selling houses to these buyers, eliminating the wait time of short sales, or the obstacles bank-owned properties may come with.

Arizona property investors are also discovering the chance in holding real estate property long term, as both prices have come down and in numerous locations rental rates are increasing. We’ve likely never seen a better time to buy real estate property as we do in 2010, as property cash flow and return on investment are the best they’ve been in more than a decade.

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