Real Estate Cash Rebates – Money-Back Reality

Rebates, commissions, discounts, allowances, incentives, and reduced prices are strategic marketing techniques that lure people into buying a product. Similar is the case in real estate dealings as well. These yardsticks are used to dispose off unsold inventory from time-to-time.

The hidden agenda here is that in reality the prices are not scaled down. Nevertheless, the bill gets paid. Similarly, real estate agents have conjured ways and means of selling and buying houses by means of novel marketing campaigns.

Currently, all over the United States the real estate market is crippled by recession. Numerous properties are available for sale with no buyer in sight. So, the next best thing that the realtor does is to entice prospective clients by way of offering massive discounts. These fantastic offers must be taken full advantage of. Indeed, this is a great way of getting back some of your well-earned money.

Although this practice is allowed by most states, there are at least a dozen of them that consider this practice unethical and have banned it. Honest realtors who have been in this field for over half a century do not believe in allowing discounts on house sale and purchase. On the same coin there are an alternative set of estate agents who go all out and offer very attractive incentives to their clients once the deal is closed.

Normally, a part of the handling agent’s commission is paid to the buyer two days after signing the transaction deed. Cash back ranges between one to an astonishing fifty percent with the buyer’s and seller’s representing being paid about seven percent from the same. In reality, what actually is happening here is that though the realtor makes less profits from the deal, his business increases ten-fold through the populist measures he has adapted. Further he or she also gains a lot of business goodwill.

An important issue to note here is that if the allowance is offered before closing the deal it does not become taxable. However, if the same is allowed after finalization, the amount becomes taxable. All these aspects have to be mandatorily looked into before signing on the dotted line. The Internet with its vast matrices of information will guide on how exactly to go about this exercise favorably. Cash rebates are the in thing today. So, waste no time and go in for that extra money with which something worthwhile can be bought.

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