Payday Loans Can Be Your Undoing if you are not careful

Pay check advances that are more commonly known as payday loans are small amounts of money that are borrowed by a person till his next date of pay from his company. They are also being known as cash advances and more often than not these loans are utilized for short periods of time and are taken by individuals who find that they do not have the necessary finances to tide over a sudden and unforeseen crisis.

People who require such loans generally get them through payday lending stores and they are expected to pay back the amount usually within a period of two weeks; in some cases the period can be extended up to a month. Joe Doe who is an expert on payday loans says that payday loans can be a boon or a bane to borrowers depending on a variety of situations. Such loans are not very difficult to attain; the lenders’ only criterion being that the borrower must be employed and he has to produce a couple of salary slips to prove that he has a steady source of income at the time he is borrowing the money.

Normally the interest rates for these payday loans are fantastically high ranging between 15% and 30% on the sum borrowed for a fortnight.In order to avail of the loan the borrower has to furnish the lender with a post-dated check for the full amount of cash advance borrowed plus the interest charged and late fee if applicable.

The borrower is given all legal papers detailing the terms and conditions of the loan, rate of interest and any penalties for late repayment.If the payment is defaulted the check is cashed and there is not enough balance in the borrower’s bank account then he is further charged both by the bank and the lender for bounced check that will only add to his loan amount and the lender even has the right to charge him higher interest because he has failed to make the timely repayment.This explains why people get into deeper trouble when they take such loans.

In general these loans can range between $100 and $ 1000 based on the limit specified by that state.Other than this you also have what is known as the internet payday lending which is in fact more protected and less fraudulent. All a borrower has to do s to apply for it by way of an online application and it gets transferred into his bank account and he can collect the money by way of electronic transfer.

Most of the internet lending is developed such that the cost is automatically taken out from the borrower’s account.It is advisable to apply for payday loans only if there are no other means of obtaining the required amount of money. What the borrower must comprehend is that the cash advance is very costly affair and that there are chances that he will get deeper and deeper into debt and be unable to extricate himself because of the extremely exorbitant interest rates, the irrationality and the difficult terms of repayment of the lenders.

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