List Of Major Credit Card Companies

There are many different credit cards companies in existence today. Plenty of credit cards mostly to be given every day by companies that offer variety of credit cards to those who are interested.They are marketed through various banks and other financial institutions, not only in U.S but worldwide.

Visa credit card is widely known all over the globe. Visas have grown into a largest and most widely used payment brand in the world. Banks and other financial companies accepts Visa Cards and take up to 50 years.

Visa International and other companies owned by 21, 000 members is in charged in the processing transactions of credit cards. It is one of the universal processing system. It is estimated that over 150 countries there are billions of visa cardholders will reach up to $3 trillion transaction per year.

MasterCard is one of best seller for it is accessible around the globe.MAsterCard is easy to access using electronic processing network that are big and it is always available in any places around the world.There are huge and famous companies are closely in touched with American bank and CITI bank and more other banks.

American Express Credit Cards are also one of the best worldwide and this was founded in 1850 which began as express delivery company years ago and now it has added a wide range of cards to its list of offerings. American Express were the first who used charge cards for over 50 years.

Amex is in line to MasterCard. For it is one of the many who is involve in companies who offers variety of financial products just like travelers check and money transferred.

Later on Discovered Card under the Discovery Financial Services was establish in the year 1986.Discovery card is not connected to Visa but owned U.S payment network. And it market in 2007 and also known as a leading credit card company and consist of loyal customers.A 5% off any selected items is rendered to Discovery card holder for it is known as one of leading cash back cards. What a fantastic card.

For your information, cards can be used in your day to day activities for you can use it in buying your daily supplies like food, goods, milk etc. For it just like a cash money to those who have it.

You have to keep in mind that this credit card for emergency purposes for it only be use to buy important things not just the fancy things in life.

If your planning to have a credit card you to see to it first the kind of payment that best fit your lifestyle for having a credit card for the first time is very crucial process.

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