How to Remove Late Payments from Your Credit Report

Many people do not take it seriously and adopt the habit of late payments. In reality, late payments could be too damaging for your credit score. Late payments would stick to your credit report for around seven years which would be an alarm for creditors whenever you apply for any loans or credits. First of all you should not overlook the importance of paying on time to avoid late payments disasters.

Occasionally, in spite of all of your precautions and defensive measures you might have to face & deal with late payments. You may adopt several ways which are helpful in removing late payments from your credit report.

Sometimes, late payment entries come on your credit report due to some errors, such as wrong date, year, bill, etc. You should immediately dispute incorrect or wrong late payments. If credit bureaus find your dispute legitimate then they would remove late payment, along with any negative marks created, from your credit report. You would be sent updated credit report with no late payments.

You could also negotiate with your creditor about elimination of late payments as a good will adjustment. In case you carry an encouraging track record of timely payments then creditors should be agreed on it gladly. You just need to write a good will letter to creditor to request him to remove late payment entry from your credit report.

Another way you may adopt to negotiate creditor for removal of late payments in exchange of automation or direct debit as majority of the creditors prefer consumers to automate their payments which is helpful resort to limit late payments. Many consumers are succeeded in removal of late payments with this method. The removal of late payments would help you to draw back the positive credit score which would enable you to avail the credit facilities once again in your life.

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