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If you are preparing your personal finances in order to apply for a loan or a credit card your credit report will used to make the decision. You can receive an absolutely free credit report if you would like to know what’s in it before you apply.

Any negative items that appear on your credit report will jeopardize your chances of obtaining the credit you are applying for. If you know about these items ahead of time you may be able to correct them before the bank views your credit status.

Lenders and credit issuers make use of three major credit reporting agencies to help them in their decisions. Some lenders use only one, while some use two or even three. Each report may have slightly different items on it, so you should make every effort to know what’s in all three of your reports.

By law every consumer is entitled to send for one report per year. Send for one of each of the three reports each year so that you’ll have accurate reports on all three. That takes three years, though, and there is a faster way.

When you apply for credit and are turned down you will be sent a letter of notification. The letter will have the details about the specific agency’s report that was used to determine your credit worthiness. You are entitled to see your credit report and the reason you were denied credit. Your request must be within 90 days and must be written.

Another way to receive a complimentary report is to search out companies online that offer them. These companies usually offer a free report to draw attention to their consumer credit protection products. They will give you the option of subscribing to a program that acts as a watchdog over your credit. Any unusual activity on your credit accounts is noted. You are then alerted to the possibility of unauthorized use of your credit card.

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