Fundraising Companies Can Help Your Organization Raise Money

Fundraising companies can assist your organization in soliciting funds. These agencies can help you whether you run a mom and pop shop, a small business, a large corporation or even a non-profit agency. They can also raise funds for charities and political action committees. Many agencies have well-trained professional fundraisers that are courteous and effective salespeople.

These agencies can eliminate your need to hire a huge fundraising staff and to occupy your staff with hours of activity raising cash. Instead you can farm out that responsibility, so that your paid staff can focus on day to day tasks and mission objectives without being bogged down by money raising activities. In addition, the professional outfits may be better at soliciting donations than your staff, as they are often well trained in what they do.

Some firms excel at raising money for non-profits and political organizations. The trained phone fundraisers specialize in outbound calls and often follow a well-structured ask script that starts with a high dollar amount and reassures donors as they lower the amount being asked for until the donor makes an offer to contribute.

These agencies can lift responsibilities from you so that your agency can concentrate its efforts on performing its mission without being consigned to spending labor hours and resources on fundraising. The outfits that fundraise often charge a small per contact fee.

Among other techniques used besides outbound phone calls include mail solicitations, merchandising and other proven methods of raising funds. Depending on one’s needs, different money raising techniques can be chosen that best fit the need of the organization in question.

There are many fundraising companies available for hire that have solid track records in raising contributions for a variety of businesses, charities and private groups that rely upon their services. Many of these places can be found through an online search.

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