Eight Methods for Merchant Credit card Processing Account Security

Your merchant credit card processing service is without a doubt crucial for your company’s being successful. As well as having the ability to take hard cash and bank checks , it allows you to handle credit and debit card transactions. Nevertheless, although you will find numerous excellent advantages with taking charge cards, additionally , there are possible problems. Several problems that you should look into so as to steer clear of being cheated, not to mention charge backs, are listed below.

Use caution with any Global dealings. I have experienced issues with Eastern European, some Asian, in addition to various other third world countries. The major culprits in fraudulent purchases are living in those areas. Be most definitely suspicious of an request for a great quantity of high priced merchandise.

Firmly insist upon receiving the actual CVV number. That number is found on the backside of their card, in the signature line, right after the sixteen digit bank card number. Card providers compute the somewhere around 25% of charge backs can be prevented by demanding that number. A number of charge card processing companies will don’t authorize the transaction without having it.

Look suspiciously at requests for your most high-ticket merchandise together with a call for to get over night shipment. This is especially important when the products might be quickly converted to money on the street. This is applicable to very large orders too.

Don’t hesitate or perhaps be fearful to exercise extreme due diligence with suspicious requests. It is essential to validate the buyer and his street address. If you get an order that is definitely remarkable, seems strange, or even simply does not fully feel straight satisfy yourself that this deal is trustworthy.

Should you receive a suspicious purchase ask for and get duplicates of ID along with the bank card used. Demand that your customer fax in duplicates of his or her drivers license and cards. This can offer you security from fraudulent purchases. A good reputable buyer might object and declare it is far too much inconvenience, however take into account the fact that if that’s the case it’s possible you’ll only lose the profit. However, if you shipped to some bogus buyer you’d lose the merchandise along with the expenses of shipping and delivery to him or her.

Make use of Google.Com as well as 411.Com (reverse telephone look up) to validate addresses and telephone number.

Stipulate that your delivery service obtains a signature receipt whenever delivering your packages to buyers. Obtain duplicates of those signatures for your files. The customer might ask you to leave the delivered package on his porch. Be mindful that you will need to replace it if he cannot find it when he returns home.

Always be up-front, firm and absolutely consistent with your safety and security measures. Be absolutely sure your staff members fully understand those procedures too. Placing the points given above in usage will certainly lessen, if not eradicate bogus purchases. Virtually all crooks stay away from web sites which take safety and security sincerely. They will speedily move on to numerous alternative web sites online that might be a lot easier prey.

Your own merchant credit card processing service most certainly really wants to assist your business with security. When you lose dollars because of fraudulence they do too. Ask for their guidance. They’ll be happy to aid you.

When considering a credit card processing service read Arnold Stecker’s excellent report on credit card processing services evaluation and get the lowdown on bankcard services. Check here for free reprint license: Eight Methods for Merchant Credit card Processing Account Security.

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