Discover The Bed Sheet Fundraiser

People who have school kids or belong to organizations have most likely participated in events to raise funds. Commonly, these events involve the sale of gift wrap, candy, cookies, and magazines. For a new and more practical sale event you may want to consider a Bed Sheet Fundraiser.

This is a product that offers quality at an affordable price to your customers and unbeatable profits for your group. You are charged a set amount plus shipping and tax for each sheet set. The school or your group sets the sale amount. Your profit on every sale could be between 10 and 15 dollars.

In addition, you can offer sets of pillow cases. The profit for the sale of a pair of pillow cases is typically four to seven dollars. Again, your school or organization pays a specific amount and you set your own sale price. There is only a minimum order requirement of twelve sets and you can order more anytime.

With other products, folks are often required to purchase a large quantity. This can leave your group with left over products and they will lose money. If the company requires a specific number of orders and your group does not reach that amount, the order will not be able to be placed. This means that any money collected from customers will have to be refunded by the group and they have raised nothing.

To get started, contact the company to gain access to their online order forms. The form has a list of the sheet sizes and colors that are offered. Typical sizes are California King, King, Twin, Full, and Queen. In addition, folks will have the option to buy separate pillow case sets in King and Standard size.

A set of sheets includes a flat and fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. The sets have an 1800 thread count and very high quality. These permanent pressed sets stay wrinkle free and soft for years. They are also usually fade resistant.

Think about selling these sets for your next group or school fund raising event. You simply take your orders and collect payment, made out to your group, at the same time. When you place your complete order with your check, it will be shipped to you between 10 and 14 business days. Delivery and shipping costs depend on your location. Once you send amount needed to pay for the order, the remaining monies are your profit.

Terry H. Fuller has spent the past 30 years helping schools and organizations with their fundraising endeavors. He now uses his experience and expertise to help groups choose the best fundraiser for them. If you would like to learn more about Fundraising Ideas he suggests you click here for more information.

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