Forex Bullet Proof Review – A Forex Winner?

The attraction of Forex Bullet Proof was not simply the eye catching graphics that accompanied this new trading system release. Neither was it the title, although I imagine more than once of use has felt like destroying a poor performing trading system in the past. What brings particular attention to this new release is the legacy of this automated trading system.

Forex Bullet Proof is a new release from the highly successful team who released FAP Turbo. FAP Turbo is the biggest selling automated trading system of all time and is still actively used by many traders. So Forex Bullet comes with a very good pedigree.

Forex Bullet Proof is not a brand new EA. It has in fact been around for over 6 years. While FAP Turbo was put on release to the public, Forex Bullet Proof was kept by the developers and run solely on their personal accounts.

Two add ons are also available. High Voltage trading system and the collection of manual trading systems called Market Dominator are included. The High Voltage system looks a little high risk but Market Dominator provides a series of competition winning strategies that are actually very good.

The strategy behind Forex Bullet Proof sets out to produce consistent Forex gains. It trades on the EURUSD and USDJPY currency pairs only. The robot is set to run 24 hours per day as it can execute a trade at any point within this window.

The system aims to compound small repeatable returns over time will keeping a firm grip of capital security. Steady consistent returns of 5% on your capital are targeted each month. These consistent small profits quickly accumulate. We could almost be talking of another Forex Megadroid here which makes this robot particularly exciting.

As with any trading system the success will be in the results. Having only been released to the market recently it is hard to make a long term call about the performance.

The legacy results of the system look impressive and demonstrates the robots consistency over the last 6 years. Results from live trading with the system show an average of 8.42% return each month since April 2010. This is very impressive.

Live trading by early adopters of the system have been good and help to verify the impressive historical data given on the website.

Of the many trading systems released to the Forex market Forex Bullet Proof is one of the few that demands attention. It goes without saying that it is certain we will be hearing a lot of success stories about this profitable Forex trading system over the next few months so make sure you are one of them.

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