Beat The Stock Market! Here’s How To Pick Hot Penny Stocks

When people hear the term “Penny stocks” this refers to shares of companies that are valued at extremely low values. They have high return potential, and your initial purchase can be quite small, but you do stand the risk of the organization becoming bankrupt and you losing your investment. Although there are certain risks involved in these types of stocks, there’s also a remarkable possibility for tremendous gains.

When trying to choose a penny share to put money in in you are going to need to know a few things about the business. Just like investing in other stocks, you want to understand the type of business they are involved with and what company plans they have for the upcoming years.

One of the things that makes penny stocks so attractive is the fact that most of the companies issuing them are rather uncomplex. A typical kind of penny share is a mining company that benefits when the cost of the resource it extracts increases above a specific level. There are also oil exploration stocks that are valued in the same way.

Penny stocks are seen as a high risk vehicle, according to the SEC. Naturally there’s also the risk that the company won’t survive even with enough research.

One thing to keep in mind is that the financial reporting guidelines for penny stocks aren’t typically as regulated as shares on bigger stock exchanges. One of the types of penny stocks is referred to as a “pink sheet” and has almost no regulation in regards to to reporting and financial accounting standards.

As you can imagine, due to this lack of regulation, this sort of stock is extremely vulnerable to being manipulated and unfortunately even fraud. People posing as independent observers will use their influence to jump]work up penny stock prices, then they’ll unload and delist the share. This is a well known con known as a pump and dump.

Now, even with that said it doesn’t mean you should never invest in these stocks entirely. There are plenty of real, legitimate start up companies, and they have to get going somewhere. Tons of companies that are listed as penny stocks are going to be successful in the oncoming future. If you’re able to spot one of these organizations, your gains on your investment will be massive.

When you can spot companies that have potential, your return on investment are going to be big. You might drop money on several stocks, yet when you get a winning stock it will provide such a large payoff that any previous losing choices won’t matter.

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