3 Little Known Tips For Credit Card Debt Assistance

I’ve got a confession to make. At my high point, I had over $100,000 in debt, which was either on credit cards or in loans that I took out to pay off those cards previously. And I was looking everywhere I could for the best credit card debt assistance.

Does this sound familiar?The due date for this month’s credit card bills is coming up and you need to make the payments.You go through your bills and find the following:

– At first you will see one that says “Payment Holiday”.Great news! You don’t need to make that payment this month.

– The next one has only $50 minimum payment, due to that you will share that statement for the next one. For another month at least, you will be out of mind, right?

– The third one doesn’t have much of a balance, so the full payment is only $130. You will feel good about having paid it off. Hey, there are some “cash advance” checks in the bill of the envelope. It is better to keep them just in case.

-The last one has the biggest balance and the minimum payment is $280. But you just can’t make a $280 payment and still cover all your other expenses. You will now use the cash advance checks from the other card and make a $280 payment for the month.

Trust me, it’s no fun in juggling payments like this.

These are the three tips for credit card debt assistance that will help you overcome these situations.

1. From your credit card companies, as for a better interest rate. You will find the flexibility of these.

2. Keep your eye on paying off one card at a time. Paying a little bit on a bunch of cards won’t get any of them paid off anytime soon. You’re better off to focus on one at a time and do as much as you can to get it paid off.

3. Keep away against debt consolidation loans. It seems that debt consolidation is a good way to deal with credit card debt, but it’s not. They do not tell you the many “gotchas” in there.

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